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Performance Improvement Plans.....Are Terrible

No one has ever enjoyed placing someone on a PIP. And surprise… one likes being on a PIP.

Performance Improvement Plans: (My definition): "A bureaucratic, ineffective tool to facilitate the legal firing of someone who probably doesn’t really know what they want to do with their career."

I understand why they exist. But let’s get real. They are awful.

But what do you do when you really are doing everything right and you are dumbfounded by the confusing behaviors of the intelligent people you are leading?

Why can’t they just change?????

I hear you.

Most people on a PIP don’t suffer from a lack of knowledge.

Something deeper is going on.

Everyone involved would benefit from the person on the PIP committing to what they really want and moving forward with purpose and grace. That may be in or out the business.

A PIP will not do this well.

PIPs create shame, waste and frustration. And everyone knows they are a death nell.

What to do instead?

If a PIP is on the horizon, provide the employee a coach instead. A great coach can help guide the employee to a healthy decision that serves the company AND the employee well.

We can do this faster and with more professionalism and confidence that a PIP. Keep your leaders engaged and get a helping hand.

This is the highest expression of conscious, transformative leadership.

1:1 Coaching

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