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Step 1 For Making a Big Decision

The first step in making a big decision is asking yourself one simple question.

"Are you trying to make this decision from experience, when you actually have none?"

I'll wager that in 99% of decisions, you are trying to do this and it is impossible.

It's impossible because you have never been in this exact moment in your life before.

And sometimes, it's just a completely 'new to you' opportunity. You've never lived in Florida, you've never started a business, you never been middle aged and single, you've never parented 'this' child until it's happening.

But to make decisions our brains want to compare previous experiences, make extrapolations, and find evidence and proof before we act.

However, a leap of faith is required in most decisions. The more important the decision, the greater the leap. Faith implies blind belief in the absence of proof.

If you struggle with making decisions, this is where you get hung up. You want a little proof!!! I hear you. My process for decision making anchors less on blind faith and more on personal trust. I will help you to build trust in yourself by using the exercises in my decision making model. You will make the decision!!!

Over the course of 4-6 coaching sessions we apply the 5 steps of the model.

1. Curiosity

2. Visualization

3. Analysis

4. Decision

5. Action

The 1st step however, is to recognize that you have never been here before. There is no historical data that will make your decision clear. You must look into the future. And you must look inside yourself.

Want to make a Big Decision with me? Schedule a discovery call. I would love to get to know you and decide if we can make big things happen.

In Happiness & Health,


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