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Stress Eating Oreos and Leadership

I was listening to a podcast today about emotional eating.

This is something I deal with. I tend to eat mindlessly right after the kids get home from school.

This is a stressful time of day for many parents. There’s A LOT going on. I’d describe it as a zombie apocalypse erupting in a circus during a hurricane.

Oreos are eaten.

I digress.

This concept of emotional eating spilled over into my business mind.

What’s the leadership version of stress eating??

What coping behaviors do we use when stressed at work?

· Micromanaging

· Avoidance

· Risk taking

Of course there’s a leadership equivalent. We bring the same brain that sends us into the **second row** of Oreos to work every day!!!

We don’t have a magical shield separating our 2 worlds.

We get triggered.

We cope with behaviors that probably aren’t moving the ball forward.