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This just keeps happening

This just keeps happening.

Is the title of a podcast I recently found.

The title really hooked me. Because it does doesn’t it??? Every day the same shit just keeps happening.

We have the same arguments, the same routines and the same results.

At work, at home and for me….in my head.

The science for this is well known. Patterns repeat because of deeply trenched neural pathways in our brains. We are goldfish. We are frogs gradually rising to a boil.

Yet in spite of acute self-awareness, we rarely make proactive, meaningful change.

This is why I personally have a long standing relationship with a coach.

A person who knows me but isn’t in my goldfish bowl can offer insights and challenges to escape the hot water that I may not even recognize.

The most effective resources are those that we stick with long periods of time.

Our lives are not snapshots. They are an evolution. When a peer group or a coach rides along with us they can give meaningful advice because they understand the complexities of our lives.

Vistage is phenomenal in this respect.

Vistage groups stick together for years.

Deep relationships form over time and the group becomes a natural extension of our leadership team, family and community.

Excellent chairs can nurture this ecosystem and accelerate success for Vistage members.

I am forming a new Vistage group this winter.

The founding members of a group often report the most engagement and connection. There’s something special about building something together.

If you don’t have a group or coach like this in your life, now is the time.

Please reach out if you are an executive leader or business owner in the Twin Cities and would like to learn more about Vistage.

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