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Training Reinvented


Over the next several weeks I am going to write about the 8 topics that I cover in the LeadWell Course for new people managers.


Partly because I think it’s helpful for CEO’s to understand what leadership lessons are timely and applicable for new managers and partly because my coaches really need me to document how I think about these concepts.😉


To clarify, the LeadWell virtual 1:1 program is divided into 3 pillars. Leadership of Self, Relationships with others, and Results. We cover 8 topics that fall within these main areas.


The Self pillar starts with a exercise I learned from my Vistage chair back in 2021. All 20  members of my peer group did this over the course of a weekend.


It was so impactful for me, I knew immediately that I would incorporate the tool into coaching.


The exercise is called “The Journey.” I give coachees a week’s notice to prepare for this seminal session that becomes the bedrock of our relationship.


The Journey- Instructions


In your journal, draw a long horizontal line through the middle of a page. At one

end, write “birth,” and at the other, write “today.”


Along the continuum, notate major life events that have occurred every 3-5 years.

There are no parameters for what types of experiences to include. Choose as many as

you would like.


In addition to education and jobs, consider things like death, divorce, injury, love,

children, moving, etc. Only share what feels comfortable for you today. You are the creator and owner of this experience.


Coaching Prompts

How have these life events shaped you? How do they impact you today? Who else knows this about you?


In the 1st 1:1 session, the coachee verbally shares their journey story with me.


At first, I wasn’t sure how receptive people would be to sharing their life story with a complete stranger. It didn’t take long to have that fear completely shattered.


Over the course of 3 years, every single coaching client has done this exercise with me. I cannot recall anyone who shied away or closed down.


I have heard the most beautiful, heart wrenching, exciting and colorful journey stories from my clients. And I am forever grateful.


It’s important to state, that while this type of conversation resembles talk therapy, it is not therapy.


I do not dig for details, I do not diagnose anyone. We do not go back to this content in coaching. It just creates a foundational awareness for me and for the client.


So why is this important?


When a client engages with me through leadwell, I am taking a stake in their personal and professional development. For that to be successful, we must quickly create a bond through trust. People will not trust me unless they know that I see them and understand them.


After an hour of personal storytelling, my clients feel completely seen.


And it’s true. I do see them. I see all of who they are. Not just who they are as an employee manager.


When a bond has been created through trust, our coaching can be open, vulnerable and SUPER EFFECTIVE.


Beyond Trust


I believe that every experience we have ever had in life creates the lens through which we see ourselves at work.


"The type of manager we become is influenced more by our parents, our 3rd grade teacher, that trip we took at 18 yrs old, divorce, death and struggle more than any training program."


Now that I know what has shaped you, we can apply the leadership tools in a way that is relevant and meaningful to you. We can shape behavior with the appropriate approach. I can meet you where you are.


It goes without saying that the journey is my favorite session of the program. I think it’s what sticks with my clients as well.


Most people have never arrived at manager training and kicked off by telling their complete life story.


I’m happy to be setting a new standard.


We’ve known for a long time that standardized training and 2 day convention style learning doesn’t stick. 8 weeks with a coach creates an unparalleled learning environment.


This level of customization is what makes LeadWell so effective and enjoyable.


Next up: Weeks 2 & 3:  The DISC Assessment, Mindset Management

May you Live & LeadWell,


There is a Sioux saying:

“The longest journey you will make in your

life is from your head to your heart.”

This especially true when transferring the

knowledge from our lives into our leadership

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