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When changing jobs isn’t the answer

When I look back on the times I made a major career shift, it always corresponded with a shake up in my personal life.

Having kids, divorce, death, etc. These events sent my attention inward. These were times that I learned more about myself. I changed my self-image and my desires shifted accordingly.

Or at least….I thought my desires changed did.

There are some work shifts that I regret.

I left some roles because changing jobs made me feel like I was changing myself.

What on earth do I mean???

When we experience something in our lives that we don’t like, we want to change. We often want everything to change. We can change our relationships, our homes, our jobs …….or we can change ourselves.

In the instances that I regret changing my jobs, it is because I changed the wrong thing. I took the low hanging, societally approved path and changed my job as an exclamation of my new self.

And it was a big fat lie.

I was the same. I just had a new office.

So the things that were not working in my life continued to not work.

I meet with clients all the time who are sitting in this space.

They hate their job. It doesn’t align with their values. They aren’t getting paid their worth. It’s the job’s fault.

But in many cases, the trouble lies within. So often we see our job as a reflection of our own thoughts about ourselves. When we are not happy with ourselves, we inadvertently create the reality that we do not want.

Through coaching, we investigate what we really want. Understanding how our lives, personal experiences and emotions impact our leadership is deeply transformative.

Coaching often results in leaders reengaging in their roles and taking businesses to the next level.

This type of coaching is most appropriate for:

1. Leaders who are suddenly unperforming

2. New leaders unsure of taking a promotion

3. Individuals seeking career guidance

BauerHouse is accepting 1:1 coaching clients for July & August.

How to Work With BauerHouse:

Emerging Leaders Coaching

Executive Coaching

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