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When Leaders Disagree

People disagree. Full stop.

Leaders disagree.

That’s just what happens when very smart, diverse and passionate people share responsibility for the success of a company and the wellbeing of all of its employees.

I would be nervous if leaders didn’t frequently disagree. Disagreements breed innovation and smart solutions.

So how do you move forward when you didn’t get what you wanted at the table?

Here’s a series of questions to ask yourself:

1. Is this a viable solution in spite of my concerns?

2. Are any of the company values violated?

3. Are my personal values violated?

4. Have the risks been properly weighted?

If you can get to a good place with these questions then all that’s left is how you will communicate the decision to your team.

Here’s the how: You will communicate it as if you are 100% on board and have zero issues. You will be a cheerleader. You will create a vision and get to work.

This is because great leaders get on board and support the decisions of the team.

If you are bitter about a decision, but you are good with the questions above, there are only 2 realities. You haven’t shown the value of your position or your ego is out of check.

Getting on board with other people’s decisions isn’t hard. You just have to understand what’s really getting in the way.

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