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Words on your wings


Go into the wild world with words on your wings.

 Carried by both faith and fear.


Drop into fields of love and let these words fall softly to the earth.

 Sounds of compassion and peace.


Let not comparison steal your joy.

 For all the light that surrounds you flows into you.


Filling your heart with warmth and spirit and

 All that you need to take flight.



In February I had a very profound experience that changed my heart and mind on a level I am still trying to understand.  It was something big, all at once. And since, a slow unfolding of new and wonderful things. My experience moved some intense grief out of my body. Grief that had been stored since I was very young. This grief which seems to have stifled all emotion since and left my mind and body stuck in places that have not felt good.


I am taking more moments of solitude now.


In the solitude I contemplate my life, my family, my work.


When thinking about work I can see more clearly what is meaningful and life giving for me.


I love working with people who are eager to explore their own lives and the impact they have on the world…….. at the intersection of work and life.


We spend so much time at work. I am deeply curious as to how we can make that a beautiful thing. Not just efficient or profitable. But beautiful.


May we all find the tools and courage to truly live and lead well.



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