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Yours, mine, and ours

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Yours, mine and ours sounds cute. How wonderful to blend a family and create new life.

For those of you in this world, you probably know it's often times less than cute. It's so hard.

I really do love kids. I enjoy my kids's friends, I subsititute teach, I coach basketball for 4th graders. And still, I was straight gobsmacked at how hard it was to love and build a relationship with a step child.

It's a whole new set of rules and experiences that you learn as you go. I'm still not great at this. And my partner would admit the same.

But I've been at this since 2014 and I do have valuable insight. Much of what I learned is that I have to manage my mind and check my own emotions more consciously than I do with my biological children. I have to coach myself. Knowing my triggers is key.

It also helped me to understand some of the science behind parental bonding and sibling relationships.

If a yours, mine & ours scenario is causing stress we can coach on it.

Schedule a free consultation call to learn more about coaching with me:

Our big happy crew about 4 years ago.

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