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High Accountability Leadership Development Programs

Our Mission is to Live & Lead Well

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New Leaders

LeadWell is an 8 Week Program designed for talented new leaders and managers. We teach proven leadership concepts and provide high accountability 1:1 coaching.  This is the most effective leadership program on the market. 

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Experienced Leaders

Powerful 1:1 Coaching and peer advisories that develop the unique skills of experienced leaders seeking to make a significant impact in the world. This is a highly curated and selective coaching opportunity.  

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Financial Leaders

Mid sized businesses often lack CFO level financial leadership.  This program provides training for talented controllers and accounting managers on the essential elements of CFO level leadership. 

High Accountability Leadership Training

Our programs integrate training and 1:1 coaching to increase engagement, retention and provide measurable results. 


Elizabeth Bauer  Founder, MBA, CPA, Certified Coach, Vistage Chair

BauerHouse is a collective of experienced coaches who provide leadership and executive coaching to leaders in organizations across North America.


The experience is customized to support the unique values and missions of both companies and individual leaders.  


Our approach is grounded in a holistic leadership style that appreciates the unique strengths people bring to work. The results are transformational and sustainable.


Our clients see better retention, higher employee engagement, and more success with promotion from within. 


Coaching is available for leaders at every experience level.

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