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Emerging Leadership Group

Emerging Leaders - Group Coaching FAQ’s

1. Is there a curriculum?

Yes. The curriculum works like a menu and a roadmap.

The sessions are 30% teaching from a fixed curriculum and 70% live coaching.

Each week there is a theme for the coaching calls. Themes will repeat every so often. But because coaching is situational and topics are brought forth by students, the content that supports the theme is always unique.

This guarantees that over several months we address the following tenets of Holistic Leadership:

Self- Purpose, Presence, Mindfulness, Self-accountability

Others- Communication, Empathy, Empowerment, Trust, Developing others

Results- Problem Solving, Strategy, Performance Measurement, Data, Culture, Growth

Theme repetition allows us to understand concepts more deeply and apply them in novel ways.

Members may stay in the group for as long as they are receiving value. A term of 3-6 months is typical.

Sessions start with teaching and then move into group coaching for 1-2 issues that members brings to the group. The coach will guide the group to a root cause and solution/action. Members then bring their learning to their companies.

2. What tools influence the curriculum?

I’m so glad you asked. Finally….my nerd brain has been dying to share.

What influences the BauerHouse Holistic Leadership Curriculum and Philosophy?

  • Smart People

Simon Sinek, Patrick Lencioni, Susan Cain, Tony Robbins, Malcom Gladwell,