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Kill Overwhelm In 5 Minutes

For many years my entire life was overwhelming. I felt like I could not handle one more thing.

I was literally appalled at the amount of responsibilities I had on my plate.

Is this you?

Leading a business, caring for children, managing a home, etc. etc. All the things.

Today I found myself back in that familiar feeling of complete overwhelm.

I was driving to an appointment for my son, running late, hungry, frantically sending multiple emails and texts, feeling very overwhelmed and I still had 7 hours of work/parenting left to go.

Today is a 14 hour day if I’m lucky.

Overwhelm is beating down the door.

Right now I’m sitting in the Dr’s office while my son has an MRI. My youngest son is playing video games on my phone and I’m typing this out. My heart is racing. I can feel the adrenalin and cortisol pulsing through my body.

And now I pause.

I need to do some thought work.

The Model (from the Life Coach School) is a great tool to get my life in perspective today.

The basis of The Model is that my feelings are caused by my thoughts about a situation, not the actual situation (circumstance).

So let’s go!