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More thoughts on PIPs

My brain has really been on overdrive this week thinking about PIPs. I know….I need to get out more.

But it’s a topic that comes up regularly with my clients and it causes them much pain and frustration.

I always think the solution to underperforming employees is simple.

In my mind…..

· The leader has had several real time conversations about what’s not working

· They have been collaborating to find solutions

· They both understand what’s at stake

· And they both know what the next step will be in the process

So when the time comes to make a very impactful decision, it may be emotionally hard but it is not complicated. It’s an organic ending.

I don’t think this is a Pollyanna approach.

In fact….I recognize how hard all the actions leading up to organic endings really are.

But the willingness to be this deliberate and connected is what makes great leaders.

Weak leaders will let things build and then bring HR in to administer a painful PIP.

So if you are sitting at the crossroads of yet another PIP…..I can help.

2 options. I can work with your employee to help them take accountability for themselves. And/or I can work with the leader to teach them how to effectively give feedback and avoid PIPs forever.

We do this through 1:1 Coaching.

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