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Pulling the Trigger

When I was languishing in a marriage that no longer brought me joy, I devoted nearly 100% of my energy to deciding and undeciding for months. I was in a painful spiral of self-doubt, rumination, and storytelling.

I believed that there was one correct decision. But I was blind to whatever that was supposed to be.

This is a very heavy example of struggling through indecision. Like you, I have experienced indecision and pain when deciding to leave a job, move to a new home, or spend a large sum of money. I find all decisions to be challenging. Am I broken? No, I just benefit from structure to make big decisions.

But structure is not the same as taking a very long time to ponder over all of the possible outcomes. No navel gazing.

For me, structure looks like dedicating a short but intense period of time to focus on making my decision. First, I had to commit to making a decision. That seems obvious. But in hindsight, I was really just committed to being unhappy. I was not committed to deciding. When I got there, the decision making process was much easier.

After nearly 30 years of struggling with decisions, I created a model that can be applied to making any significant decision.

It's part science, part woo, all you. The model serves as a guide to bridge the gap between who want to be and who you are today.

My free 4 week coaching membership takes you through this process on a single decision that is keeping you stuck.

Find out more-

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