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The death of the suit

Dress codes are dying.

I read an article last night about how the Senate is dropping their formal dress code. So our nations’ leaders may now sport hoodies and birks like the rest of us who consider pants optional on zoom calls.

Dress codes and the standards for professional attire have always been a touchy subject for me.

I often chant ‘dress for the role you want’ and ‘you can never be over dressed (or over educated).’

But I frequently show up to meetings in band tshirts and ripped jeans with a blazer and hope I don’t scare away future clients.

I obviously can’t commit to how I feel about professional business dress codes.

I also don’t pretend to understand what it’s like for people of other cultures who’s clothing standards don’t fit neatly into the business causal box. But I can imagine it’s difficult.

Clothing can be an expression of our personalities. So why not just let people speak for themselves?

The answer is because clients and customers don’t buy people…they buy the brand.

Or do they???????

Extra fun fact----This new rule only applies to senators on the floor. staffers are still required to follow the old code. Because I guess someone has to uphold some sense of professionalism in congress.

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