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The Good Ole Days

There’s something really romantic about the way things used to be. It was so easy when we only had to meet our own personal deadlines. It was fun when we did it all ourselves….and we actually knew how to do it all.

Business owners often have the thought….”it used to be so easy when I didn’t have to manage people and complicated systems.” Maybe I should just close up shop and work for someone else.

Ironically, executive leaders often say…..”maybe I should resign and go into business for myself.”

Funny that we all end up in the same place. Wishing for what seems simpler.

When you get to this place it’s helpful to have a coach to explore the options. Together, we can dig into what’s really driving these emotions.

Have we let things get out of control? Have we scaled too quickly? Am I missing a critical person on the team? Or is really time to do something drastically different.

Having this conversation alone, in your own head, is really hard.

Holding yourself accountable to your decisions can be even harder.

If you would like to spend 4 months with me, working through the desire to dial it all back and start fresh, I’m here for that.

I’ve had my own journey and shepherded other executive leaders and business owners through their critical path.

The path is there…we just need to clear the way.

1:1 Executive Coaching

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