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Why do some people annoy us?

We all have that one person that just really gets under our skin. It was probably an immediate and visceral reaction. It's hard to explain but you just feel it.

For me, it was the pushy young vp in a company or the aggressive new hire.

Why did they annoy me so much?

Truth bomb alert - they are me. Well, they were. They have traits that I had to learn hard lessons about and mature through to become successful.

They are my shadow side.

The 'shadow' is the side of your personality that contains all the parts of yourself that you don't want to admit to having.

So when we see our shadow reflected back to us we tend to bristle. We don't like it and we avoid it.

Sometimes we may not be acquainted with our shadow. When that is the case we can burn potentially rewarding relationships. Through coaching and self work we can become self-aware and recognize our shadow.

This can be a gift. We can choose compassion for others and where appropriate, a chance to teach and lead.

Is there someone in your life that just irks you??? Can you describe it? What thoughts do you have about them?

Are there relationships at work or friendships that you are sacrificing before they even have a chance to develop?

I coach my clients through this type of work and the results are game changing. A whole new world opens up.

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